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New Traffic Laws in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is continually growing and the number of cars on the road is growing on a daily basis. Some of the cars should not be allowed to be on the road at all as they could be potential killers.

I have seen many cars, especially cabs, that transport people, that had mechanical and engine problems. If these cars were to experience brake problems, then a huge accident would undoubtedly take place.

Compared to other developing countries, Addis Ababa’s traffic problems are nothing to worry about. However, the recent traffic law changes in Addis triggered me into writing this post.

In Addis, most of the time, pedestrians don’t walk on sidewalks, even if sidewalks are available. For some reason, pedestrians like to share the road with cars. I don`t know why this continues to happen. The taxi and min-bus drivers also make the road too difficult to navigate as they violate too many traffic laws.

The good news is that something has been done about it. A revised traffic law is now in effect.

Photo: Addis Ababa’s Skyscraper

Photo: Addis Ababa near National Bank on Churchill Road

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