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Planning for your Children Higher Education

Getting a higher education is one of the dreams of all Canadians, including Ethiopians in Canada.

Going to university or college in Canada is not easy for first generation Ethiopians, and all immigrants. Some first generation Ethiopians have managed to graduate from universities and colleges in Canada despite all the difficulties of making a living. Some even have done their PhD. I am proud of them all.

The tuition cost is not that much expensive if you are enrolled in a government funded higher educational institution. What eats a lot of your money is the living expenses. On the other hand, the cost of post-secondary education keeps rising. Experts predict the cost of four years of University at a mid-level university will be over $100,000.00 by the year 2020.

Higher education determines not only your children’s future earning power, but their quality of life too. Therefore, how do you go about getting higher education for yourself or your children? How do you save money? When can you start saving for your children education? Is there a limit to how much you can save within or outside RESP?

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