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Kenyan-Born Harvard Professor, Calestous Juma Says: “Invest in High Speed Internet” to African Leaders

Kenyan-Born Harvard University Professor, Calestous Juma, says information and communication technologies are the foundations for Africa to meet its developmental needs

In late January 2010, Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa hosted the 14th Ordinary Summit of the African Union (AU) heads of state.

The theme of the summit was “Information and Communication Technologies in Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Development”.

Kenyan-born Calestous Juma, who is director of Science, Technology and Globalization at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, said although most African countries had been saddled with inadequate information technology, the situation is improving gradually.

“Up to now information has been probably the most costly resource on the continent. But, this is changing very fast. We’ve seen a dramatic impact that mobile phones have had on Africa economic scene as well as political scene. But, with the arrival of fiber optic cable, Africa now has this possibility of accessing high speed internet,” he said.

Photo: Calestous Juma

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Cool Things You Can Do with the Internet

In my first tech post, I discussed about the magnitude of the Internet. Yes, the Internet is huge. In fact, the word “Internet” is so huge that its first letter “I” is capitalized all the time. So, you might ask, how do we get the best out of the Internet? What can I use the Internet for?

A recent survey showed that the vast majority of people use the Internet for only email communications and searches. This means, a lot of people don’t use the Internet to its full potential. So, I have decided to post this article and give you some ideas on how you can further use the Internet.

Some of the things I personally use the Internet for include, but not limited to:

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