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The 2010 Vancouver Winter Games and Canadian Patriotism

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games are progressing very well. Canada is currently ranked at fourth place in medial count rankings; behind USA, Germany and Norway.

I am really glad to see that, finally, Canadians have shown their patriotic side. Such out pouring enthusiastic patriotism was never expected in Canada as Canadians are very polite and subdued people, who keep low profile, don`t usually brag, for example, as compared to Americans.

A few days ago, I went to down town and in surrounding suburbs to witness for myself first hand all the patriotic events I saw on TV. Sure enough, I too was carried away with the celebrations. Robson square was crowded, the whole down town was flooded, and is still flooded, with a lot of people as I write this blog.

Chants of “Go Canada Go!”, ¬†impromptu performances of the Canadian National Anthem (O! Canada), visceral screams of “Whoooo!”, “Canada!”, and more have echoed throughout Vancouver, and neighbouring cities.

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