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Role Model Ethiopian – Daniel W. Yohannes

Ethiopia’s population is now estimated at 80 million. There are more than 1.6 million Ethiopians living out side of Ethiopia. Out of these, about 600,000 live in North America (100,000 in Canada and 500,000 in the USA). The vast majority of Ethiopians reside in the East and West Coasts of the USA.

There are many prominent and successful Ethiopians in the USA. Most Ethiopians in the USA are university educated. In fact, a few years ago, a US study indicated Ethiopian-Americans as the most educated people in the USA (based on percentage).

So, from time to time, I will try to highlight some Ethiopian role models (whether in the USA or Canada or any other country). To day, I picked Mr. Daniel W. Yohannes.

The White House press release below pretty much summarizes who Mr. Yohannes is:

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