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50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes

The world economic meltdown has affected everyone around the world. Canada has not been immune to this never ending problem. USA has been hammered by economic disasters. Europe is now going through a difficult time; in particular Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Perhaps, more countries could be affected in the coming months.

To the contrary, I have not heard such economic problems coming from developing countries. Eastern Europeans seem to be doing fine. Asian countries are okay, perhaps with the exception of japan. Africans are okay. South Americans are fine.

So, I kept asking myself why these economic collapses are taking place in developed countries? I am not an economist, but I guess that most in the west have been living beyond their means, and the financial systems encouraged all to “have it all” attitude and indulge in debts. The results of such gluttony have been too disastrous and embarrassing to witness.

When times are tough, jobs are hard to come by. This means a lot of people are out of work and are now trying to find employment.

I thought the article below, written by Karen Burns, might be very helpful for all looking for that interview. But, many make huge mistakes before, during and after the interview; and I hope that this list will help you connect with an employer.

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