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Ethiopia – a Role Model Country for Religious Tolerance

This past weekend a major religious clash took place in Nigeria. Hundreds of Christians were killed by Muslims on a broad day light in the city of Jos. BBC has reported all the details here. And The Times On Line has also reported all the details here.

As Africa’s most populous nation and one of the top oil sources, Nigeria has been one of the most stable countries in Africa for many years. This ugly event of murder and chaos has worried not only Nigerians, but also the West. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called this week on Nigeria to find and punish those responsible for the killings of more than 500 Christians in a wave of sectarian slaughter. More reporting on the Nigerian violence is here.

Ethiopia and Religion

Ethiopians of all religions and faith have lived side by side through out the centuries. This was mentioned by Professor Isaac’s letter, which I published here. Yes, it is gratifying to know that Ethiopians were / are able to respect each other’s religion despite what was / is happening in and around Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Muslims are traditionalists who sincerely follow the Quraan. I have never come across any Muslim who displayed hate, violence or anger towards others while growing up in Ethiopia. My hope and prayer is that, Ethiopia will continue to enjoy religious harmony for centuries to come.

For centuries, “Religion is personal where as Ethiopia is for all” has been the guiding principles of the leaders and the people of Ethiopia. This still holds true today in Ethiopia and hope it will hold true forever. Yes, Religion is a very sensitive issue and should be handled delicately.

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