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Vancouver Winter 2010 Olympics Games Free Events

Olympics – whether Winter or Summer – is a great event.

Ethiopia has been participating in the summer Olympics for nearly 50 years now. Ethiopia has opened the floodgates for all Africans to participate in the Olympics.

I am very proud of the accomplishments of Ethiopian athletes. In the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics, Ethiopia sent 12 athletes, and came home with 8 medals – that is by far the best a country could hope for. However, Canada did send 425 Olympians to Sydney, but came back with nothing. I remember the media hammering the Canadian Olympic Committee by comparing them to Ethiopians. Canada’s low performance in 2000 was improved in 2004 in Athens and again in 2008 in Beijing.

The 2010 Olympics will start in about a week time, on February 12, 2010 in our beautiful city, Vancouver, BC. For those of us who live in the Vancouver area, it is a great opportunity to experience the Olympics in person.

Olympics should not only be for those who can afford it. Hence, I did a little bit of research and found out if there were any free or nearly free events during the games.

More than 50 pavilions, celebration sites, and other destinations will be free. Most of these free events boast big TV screens to watch the events, interactive games, art exhibits, and more.

Canadian rock bands are ready to entertain the crowd for free, including: Bedouin Soundclash, Sam Roberts, Blue Rodeo, and other big names to be announced soon.

So, if you want to go to these free events, plan on going as soon as possible. Perhaps, you might want to start early and go to those pavilions that open before February 12. For example, the following have already been opened (or opening before Feb. 12)

  • Canada’s Northern House (already open)
  • Skating at Robson Square (already open)
  • Italian Pavilion (opening on Feb. 6)
  • Swiss Pavilion (opening Feb. 6)


  • Yaletown at David Lam Park

Great performances by Wilco and Matisyahu; Alexisonfire, Colin James, Malajube, MotherMother.

  • LiveCity Downtown Location (just north of BC Place Stadium)

For $20 or more, you can be a part of nightly medal award ceremonies, and a chance to party with big name acts like, Barenaked Ladies, INXS, and Nelly Furtado.

Richmond and Surrey

It sounds that Richmond’s O-Zone and Surrey’s Holland Park celebrations are the best for free events.

Surrey Performers include:

  • Blue Rodeo
  • Sam Roberts
  • Bedouin Soundclash
  • Tokyo Police
  • 54-40
  • Corb Lund
  • Many more

Richmond Performers include:

  • Bedouin Soundclash
  • Our Lady Peace
  • Hawksley Workman
  • Sam Roberts
  • Wintersleep
  • Tokyo Police
  • Many more

For more information, check out a site dedicated for free Olympic fun:

Click here for List of Olympic Pavilions in Town

My next blog entry will be on Thursday February 11, 2010; and it will be about an Ethiopian born Robel Teklemariam, who will be in Vancouver representing Ethiopia in Cross Country Skiing.

Mullkam Samint!


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