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Just How Big is the Internet in China?

In the past two tech posts, I covered how big the Internet was around the globe and some of the cool thing we could do on the Internet. To day, I just wanted to show how big the Internet is in China.

So, just how big is the Internet in China? The simple answer to this question is – It is soooooooo HUGE.

Here are some of the break downs …

Some Highlights:

As of June 30, 2009, there were more than 338,000,000 Internet users in China. Out of these numbers:

  • 162,000,000 were bloggers
  • 117,000,000 were mobile users
  • 84,500,000 were rural users
  • 52.5% were male and 47.5% were female
  • 90.6% use broadband connections
  • The average Chinese user spends nearly 17 hours a week on the Internet

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